The World Saxophone Congress will be held from tomorrow July 10 to October 14. The city chosen to become a music environment will be Zagreb, which is the capital of Croatia. The Sax Ensemble Foundation is playing its characteristic electro-acoustic music on Wednesday.

It is a project of diffusion of the Portuguese and Hispanic music, as much of the music of authors of both countries as of the interpreters since it is formed by the musicians Francisco Martínez (Spain) and Henrique Portovedo (Portugal). The project was born in 2018 to perform some concerts in Spain, Portugal and Croatia, always in the field of music and new technologies and for this, commissions were made to composers Eneko Vadillo and Nuno Peixoto.

Baritone and alto saxophone: Henrique Portovedo
Soprano and Alto saxophone: Francisco Martínez


Was created in 1987 with the objective of creation and promotion of contemporary music. The original group formation is saxophone quartet, piano and percussion, which is unique in the world, but the group membership is flexible, relying on the repertory. In 1993, thanks to the support and determination of some composers, musicians and music lovers, the group established the Sax-Ensemble Foundation with the aim of encouraging commissions to Spanish and foreign composers and high-level pedagogical activities. In 1997, the Sax-Ensemble received the National Music Award for Interpretation, mainly because of its contribution to Spanish music and in recognition of its ten years of existence at that time. Numerous authors have dedicated works to the Sax-Ensemble, some of them even several works, so the Sax Ensemble had the chance to perform up to one hundred and eighty world premieres.

Soprano saxophone: Francisco Martínez

Alto saxophone: Henrique Portovedo
Tenor saxophone: Pilar Montejano
Baritone Saxophone: Miriam Castellanos

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