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Benet Casablancas 60

Monographic album about the composer Benet Casablancas

It contains the work Pastoral concert for Alto Saxophone and Instrumental Group performed by Francisco Martínez as saxophone soloist, Santiago Serrate as conductor and Soloists of the “Orquesta Sinfónica del Vallés”.

The recording took place in a concert held on March 3, 2017 at the Main Theater of Sabadell as part of a tribute concert to the composer Benet Casablancas for his 60th anniversary.

FUSIONS-Eneko Vadillo

The composer from Malaga Eneko Vadillo, is the author of the CD on the CANTICUM label published in April by the Sax-Ensemble Foundation. In it we find instrumental works for chamber group and saxophone quartet, as well as works of electroacoustic saxophone and electronic music that are sometimes processed in real time.

Tomás Marco

The history of the Sax-Ensemble is linked to that of Tomás Marco since the group was created in 1987, since the group was born at the inaugural concert of the II European Saxophone Meetings held in September 1987, as an annex activity to the V Festival of Alicante, of which Tomás Marco was director.

LUIS DE PABLO: Music for saxophone

Concertrecorded liveonDecember 18, 2010at the Auditorio Nacionalde Musica.

Other works have been recorded in the Auditorium of the School of Teacher Education of the “Autonoma” University of Madrid, in March and June 2011.


This album was made with pieces of the cycle organized by the Foundation Sax-Ensemble in 2000 “Around Luis de Pablo” on the occasion of his seventieth birthday.

TOMÁS MARCO: Theatre of Memory

Live recording of the premiere of the work of Tomás Marco: Theatre of Memory.

It is a work of one hour and six saxophones, percussion, piano and synthesizer, with a soloist.

3 Cantos – X Anniversary

Recording commemorative of Tenth Anniversary of the Festival of Contemporary Music in Tres Cantos. 2 compilation CDs of composers programmed at the festival during its first ten years.