Women Composers From Madrid

This was one of the first records of Sax-Ensemble group which released a live recording of Madrid´s composer Maria Escribano.



Works of Alicia Santos, Marisa Machado
Consuelo Díez, Zulema de la Cruz and María Escribano.

  1. ALICIA SANTOS (1958). Sonata para flauta y piano
    2. MARISA MACHADO (1956). Obertura
    3. CONSUELO DÍEZ (1958).            Naggareth
    4. ZULEMA DE LA CRUZ (1958).     Pulsares
    5. MARÍA ESCRIBANO (1954).        Jondo

The Sax-Ensemble is the interpreter of the work Jondo by Maria Escribano. 

Sax Ensemble
Francisco Martínez, soprano
Valentín Martínez, alto sax
Tomas Diaz, tenor sax
José Manuel Zaragoza, baritone Saxophone
Sebastian Marine, piano
Jorge Pons, percussion
Conductor: Francisco Martinez

Live recording made at the Festival of Contemporary Music in Alicante in 1989.

Musical Production: RNE
Assembling and editing: Manuel Alvarez, Juan Jose Urdangarin, Consuelo Diez y José Iges.
Design: Ana Granados.
Edited by the Directorate General of Women of the Community of Madrid RTVE Música.



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