FUSIONS-Eneko Vadillo

The composer from Malaga Eneko Vadillo, is the author of the CD on the CANTICUM label published in April by the Sax-Ensemble Foundation. In it we find instrumental works for chamber group and saxophone quartet, as well as works of electroacoustic saxophone and electronic music that are sometimes processed in real time.



Below you can see the content of this CD:



1 Metamorphosis: flute, clarinet, alto sax, piano and violin (12:25)

2 Metapoiesis: alto sax and electroacoustic music (9:34) Prisma: successive alto and tenor saxes, cello and percussion

3 Prism I (2:49)

4 Prism II (5:52)

5 Prism III (3:19)

6 Racines: tenor sax and electroacoustic transformation (5:39) Fusions (Saxophone Quartet)

7 Fusion I (3:02)

8 Fusion II (2:51)

9 Fusion III (4:02)

10 Fibrilation: tenor sax and electroacoustic transformation (6:02)

11 Mantra: tenor sax and electroacoustic music (5:39)

JUAN GARCIA: DIRECTOR: (tracks: 1,3,4,5) FRANCISCO MARTINEZ: saxophones, soprano, alto tenor (tracks: 1,2,6,7,8,9,10) SAX-ENSEMBLE GROUP: Alto and tenor saxophone: Francisco Herrero (3,4,5,7,8,9); Tenor sax: Pilar Montejano (7,8,9); Baritone sax: Miriam Castellanos (7,8,9); flute: Maria Antonia Rodriguez (1); Clarinet: Nerea Meyer (1); Piano: Kayoko Morimoto (1,3); Percussion: Miguel Angel Pérez (3,4,5); violin: María Saiz (1); cello: Pilar Serrano (3,4,5)



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