Tomás Marco

The history of the Sax-Ensemble is linked to that of Tomás Marco since the group was created in 1987, since the group was born at the inaugural concert of the II European Saxophone Meetings held in September 1987, as an annex activity to the V Festival of Alicante, of which Tomás Marco was director.



The first works with saxophone that we tackled by Tomás Marco were Espejo de viento and Paraíso mecánico, and in 1993 he dedicated to us Paraíso Dinámico, which was our first “Marquian” premiere, which was followed by Corolas, Corales y Colores in 2000. In the year 2002, we premiered 2 of his most important works with saxophone: Teatro de la Memoria and the opera El Viaje Circular, highly acclaimed by the public and the press and praised by critics, placing the concert as one of the 2 best at the Alicante Festival in that year, along with the one offered by the “Ensemble Modern”. In 2014 we premiered “Ámbito de Moby Dick” for saxophone trio and electronics, and in 2015 Quimeras, unicornios y ornitorrincos for solo saxophone and our standard group: saxophone quartet, piano and percussion. In 2017 came the premiere of Paraíso Danzante, and in 2019 Finales de Paraíso. In 2021 Pandemonium confinado, for our Chamber group with strings, flute, clarinet, sax and piano (piece inspired by the Covid confinement). Also in that year Memorial para un doble 11 for saxophone and electronics and the last one in March 2022 Igor Rex for saxophone, clarinet and piano quartet and inspired by Strawinsky. Apart from these 10 premiered works, the Sax-Ensemble has a total repertoire of 18 works by Tomás Marco.

This album emerged in 2013 on the occasion of the tribute we organised to Tomás Marco on the occasion of his 80th anniversary. On September 13 of that year, a program was held at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts of San Fernando called: Integral de los Paraísos by Tomás Marco in which the 4 works that make up this album appeared.


Integral de los Paraísos by Tomás Marco.


Paraíso mecánico. (13:05)

Paraíso dinámico. (8.52)

Paraíso danzante (11:59)

Finales de Paraíso (16:17)

Francisco Martínez


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